I’ve always been eco minded, and having children only seemed to amplify the importance of ‘living gently’. We started this journey living in a small house in the suburbs of Brisbane. It was a few years later that we finally took the plunge and followed our tree change dream. We now own a certified organic property and are a family with two kids, chickens, pigs and bees.

The intent behind Eco Parents Australia is to share our own journey to becoming more sustainable in our parenting practices. We have plenty of tips and ideas, but recognise that we don’t know it all and have things to learn from others.

Our website/blog is a place where we highlight key topics we want to share, such as projects we are working on. Talking about and reviewing eco friendly products is another key aspect of what we do and we hope you’ll like the feature products too. We usually have a giveaway going with the latest review. The Facebook page is where daily activity happens. A place to get to know one another, encourage discussion and share useful links or topics. We encourage our Facebook community to share their thoughts and challenges and we love hearing success stories – no matter how small an eco triumph it may be.

Being sustainable is not only an enjoyable challenge, it makes financial and environmental sense.

Through Eco Parents Australia we hope to challenge thinking, inspire others and get those creative juices flowing. All that said, this is a document of our personal journey and please remember that this is a reflection of our values, not a judgement on yours.

If you have a product that you think may be appropriate to showcase here then let us know about it. If you’d like us to guest blog for you then drop us a line. Subscribe to our newsletter here.

Thanks for joining us.

Brooke Summerville